Concettina tre Santi by Ciro Oliva: the best pizzeria in town

Concettina tre Santi by Ciro Oliva: the best pizzeria in town

Napoli is the city where pizza was born; everybody nowadays knows how a pizza is made, yet only a few of pizza chefs know how to make an incredible pizza. The one, that even after a long time you can still feel it all over your senses. Within the last years the Neapolitan neighborhood, named Sanità has regenerated itself and today, it is one of the main tourist stops within the city center of Napoli. Among them, there is Ciro Oliva’s pizzeria. Born as a family activity, is today one of the most researched pizzerias in town, if not the best one.

If you are in the neighborhood you can not miss it, people wait in the queue to get a seat in order to taste the exclusivity of what Ciro Oliva has put down and mixed within the years. The first time we met Ciro Oliva, what surprised us was his simplicity of being able to speak and interact with anyone. He is truly the host man and will do anything to make you feel comfortable as you would be sitting at home. His kindness and his special, simple pizza with high-quality ingredients make these experience untouchable.This year the Gambero Rosso has awarded Ciro Oliva to run the best Neapolitan Pizzeria in Italy.


Starting from November, you are able to taste the new winter menù, that was presented last month in Milan; last but not least he came up with an unbelievable idea of making your journey within the pizzeria extraordinary; you don’t need to get only one type of pizza, but you can choose to try a mix of pizzas, presented one after the other as you would be in three star Michelin Restaurant; What to try at Concettina tre Santi? Everything! But we strongly advise, to go down with the tasting menù in order to touch the paradise for a second and get back on Earth once your bill is paid.









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